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Khajeh Shams al-Din Muhammad nicknamed Alghyb languages have a very strong memory of having the Holy Quran to preserve and protect Mtkhls Sincerely great big sky this book with great taste and very good interpretation of Revelations in the act.
His name as a teacher and mystic Don speak at the apex of punctilious courtesy Iran eternal garden shines his most famous Iranian poets and lyricism in the year 726 AH in Shiraz was born. His father Baha al-Din from the people of that time, Khan Atabak Slghry of Isfahan and Shiraz is the way business is Gzranydh era.
Mohammad Shams al-Din and his two older brother soon be deprived of having father and mother under the care of a woman of virtue and the people cry Kazerun Mohammad Shams al-Din in a very difficult situation in making paste job and working with them to study various sciences such as wisdom and mysticism in Arabic and Persian language and explores the great Masters like Ghvaldyn Allamah Abdullah and Mir Seyyed Sharif Gurgani have to understand the grace to say professorship comes at any time in the House and discuss lessons in science Allameh Gurgani Alemi unique jurisprudence and wisdom about how the poetry is lyrical or read comments by a professor with the discomfort of his disciples to discuss the wisdom and philosophy are focused on, but had Shams al-Din Ghzlyatsh encouraged to read and students are protesting against the stated Poems Shamseddin Jmlgy sacred and the Hadith and Quran points Mvrndh enjoyed the poetry of Hafez and when it leaves the excess.
Allamah Majlisi day Gorgan is a lesson of hope, stated this mystical poetry and Nghz been collected in the office to remain forever in the universe and everyone getting used to the course after the death of Shams al-Din Khoja Hafiz All poems by a friend very close to Mohammad G ... His disciples that Allameh Gorgan and the House was present study also collected poems of Hafez is often influenced by Islamic mysticism, which is based on Islamic tenets and after the fourth century AH in effect in the very roots Parsi Iranian literature has to Khoja and poems Sincerely properties has sincerity and total decorate poems at all Iranian families is renowned reputation Khajeh about past borders and territories around the world and appears distant and There is also Mrydany Khajeh Hafez Shirazi, including spinning frequency values is mixed with love and mysticism, Masnavi is short and consists of two segments, quatrain, and in addition it has a piece and Saghy Mlm and letters and is also the preference of year 791 AH, he having died and was buried in the soil Mosalla.
Haz died on the soil in the same building that account Mosalla Abjad 791 is noted and it says

Chu found in soil Mosalla home soil Bjv expired Mosalla
Sunrise and the sun shining life of Hafez in Shiraz literary and scientific events and Tghyraty coincided with the government and especially the internal government struggles Mozaffar Al bloodshed and conflict much for taking absolute power very painful impact on his fine spirit There was poetry and writing and in accordance with the Contracts based on the converted song appear all that Gr Hafez, despite the apparent quiet effervescent humor has often people wait Vbrdbary eyes and hope to have a clear mirror like you and never leave Shiraz and not in such harsh conditions of the city just does not primarily interested in the city of Shiraz Hafiz has always refreshing water pillar Abad and refreshing breeze and wind Mosalla remember that the native place development and nature as inspiration for the strange loved her ruby lips mine Shiraz Hassan Jamal gun to image

Blessed Shiraz Msalsh situation without God bless the Zvalsh

G pillar of our Abad hundred Lvhsh God gives Omar Khazar Zlalsh

J. Abad and the successor is Mosalla Byr Shmalsh

Shiraz and grace divine spirit of people ask the owner Kmalsh
Name of Egyptian sugar that range pastry here that Ndavnd Anfalsh

Haz-Shirazi in Khoja clear water from the hills pillar Abad Allah Akbar stems from Khazar water or water in the dark places of life that he is more digestible

Is different from the darkness of the water instead of his Khazar
Our water is Mnbsh Allah Akbar

Haz Khajeh Shiraz Shiraz spots occurred seven countries and knows stated
Shiraz Rokni water and wind breeze scratch
Ybsh do not spot that has occurred seven countries

What Khajeh Hafez despite all Massa'ebi during its own lifetime was encountered in case of booby and officials would certainly trust him and to God Almighty and eternal faith Mhkmsh and appreciation of God and this is his way of thinking and Mhtqdat stability force against the wheel Svfanyhay sphere of conflict and provides a strong stroke of Hafez Abu Ishaq Al Mozaffar Sincerely Aynjv had addressed in his poems and his love of short-term government and the grumbling is affected

Inlaid turquoise Eshaghi smell really good, but the shine was Mstjl

He Mbarzaldyn Ghzlyatsh of Mohammed would not name directly, but with innuendo and references Mhtsb like him and attacked him and the trespasser will introduce unreliable and perhaps because of his beliefs Khajeh that the militant al-Din Muhammad for absolute power that he has infected the blood of Abu Shaq

Khoja Shiraz turmoil that exists in the fight against blood Vdvran Eaters was seen near the passion and interest Din Mohammad militant hypocrisy hypocrite work and debauchery and indulgence in wine drinking straw that is eye row despite repression by the ruling government to arrange his brought to the earthquake in the same circumstances adverse Zny Amir Jabbar children and close relatives commanders ultimately reaches as far as the brave King and Mahmoud and two of his children and suspects they frequently kill or blind, and they threaten to sure that the accusations were soon arrested and killed or blinded Khvhnd Mthd been reached with the father in the year 759 AH to help multi-tons of friends and relatives after his arrest and blind him to exile and imprisonment bless castle will then hand the militant al-Din Muhammad son is blind in the state reaches the brave king Khajeh friendly relationship with him and find more or less told him to praise the late Hafez Al-e Mozaffar life changing government and the emergence of Amir Tymvr Gvrkany been met and that quotes after the last Mozaffari Mansoor Al Amir Mozaffar series hand crank Tymvr Gvrkany killed and captured the city of Shiraz where he is a lame to say Tymvr poets and expensive industry respect Hafez is not valid in the final days of life and was seeking to head and he says to me many years labored and hands and their prowess and Srdaranm two Smrqndv Bukhara conquered territory, but you have a written Hyatt it very easy and painless mole rats given a Hndvyy

If that Shirazi obtained leave our hearts flour
Hndvysh Svrqnd wanted to spot them and Bukhara

Also says that when Tamerlane had memorized the Holy Quran Hafiz for the aging and hard with the help of others walked and even was able to talk to read the Quran Karim invited Newest First Meanwhile rebel to around Shiraz on that Amir Tymvr Gvrkany Corps for the fracas going down, placed around the city of Shiraz, Shiraz is back And at Khoja will summon the people around her secrets with Haz drawn that the mortal Veda said some researchers believe that Shams al-Din Khoja in Ghzlyatsh Khajoo Kermani style quotient has made and old school of thought that surely Khajoo properties rebellion against all manifestations of hypocrisy and deception is a hypocrite and people have followed. But some researchers believe that you Khoja Hafiz algebra of philosophical thinking and deep thought to affect a scientist and a prominent Iranian poet and astronomer Omar Khayyam Neyshaboori Hakim and Hafiz with a difference in your presupposition valley is left bewildered and Happy because the Holy Quran and its verses fourteen narrative and to maintain good about it could be interpreted to

Hafez Tfl to record a very long and started from the tenth century Hijri and among the people of Iran and Mrdaman towns and villages in Iran and many countries in East and spread them hear the name and goodwill Khajeh clean clean open Court this mystic all ages on his chest and put believe that reading the chapter from the Holy Quran and its spirit Nsar poet and sharing grief with his desire to think and hope to answer in their own words and magic Ghazaliat Alhamysh View Songs must Khajeh spiritual passion in shiraz treatment Afrsdh spirit Mrydansh Sa miracle is a work friendly words with friends and tells everyone to understand the size and feel and Vatfsh Fhmsh or Ghazaliat harmonious and full of attractions and high thinking, he always uses He gives the promise of good days

Joseph lost comes back to Canaan sorrow Mkhvr
Cottage is Ahzan sad day Golestan Mkhvr

This is the heart Shvryh Halshbh bad heart do not
This head is open to frenzied grief Saman Mkhvr

Among the poets Hafez old titles such as Taha and Rand Khrabaty etc. it is best to open and so-called analysis is stated in June and spent fractured and opaque fabric store Ghzlyatsh light of love and love to root Source creation that lasts until the world is fresh and Srvdhaysh magic and mystic, and remains ignorant to blame any human foot and emotional comfort with the words "miracle Malakouti and are forced to filter drawer Saqr eternal friendship treaty pubs are close and far across the board.

G Orphic poetry of Hafez who was aware
That kind of sense to speak Dari and knows

Sirus Tabarsi
The Gift / Mystic Publications / Year 1375 Printing

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